The struggle is real.

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We are certainly blessed (?) for living in an era in which communicating has never been easier, being our phones the tool that not only keeps us in touch with people but also offers us the possibility of doing pretty much everything: we buy things with our phones, we find our “prospective partners” in a matter of a swipe, we know what happens in the world minute by minute… let’s say they just keep us entertained.

We are so used to having our phones with us that many of us no longer remember how life was…

All you need to know to efficiently work from home

You’re taking the leap going freelance or going through a period where you have to #stayhome because a certain virus has everyone in quarantine and you can’t go to the office. No matter what situation you find yourself in, this guide will provide you with some knowledge from your homie: Hi! I’m Wan and I’ve been working from home for the past 4 years as a freelance… well, photographer, translator, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, writer… and most of the work done from the commodities that my home offered.

If this is your first time working from home or doing…

Cause everyone shares the good pictures, but never the bad ones

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about leaving your current life and moving across the world? Just leave everything behind and have a fresh new start somewhere else.


I have been there too. I can’t really track the number of times I have imagined myself walking through streets somewhere in London, eating food in parks around the Amsterdam, strolling around a beach in Australia or simply having some tea, cozy and warm, in my flat in Berlin.
It feels like you have been preparing for this your whole life. …

A blind date with a person is like entering a new coffee shop. Here’s why.

My relationship with coffee has become stronger since being a freelancer and working from home. Imagine spending life working in PJs and connecting with people through email and WhatsApp. You rarely leave the house.

Therefore, I go on blind dates. Coffee shop blind dates.

Going to a new coffee shop is like having a date. A real blind date. You never know what to expect. …

I don’t own a smartphone and it changed my life. Here’s why.

November last year, my iPhone was stolen from my pocket at a party. I burst into tears and punched everyone around asking where it was; my friends tried to calm me down and all of a sudden, I was in the back of an Uber thinking why on earth was I so pissed.

After all, it’s just a phone.

I wasn’t using it much, to be honest; I’d send Whatsapp messages to my friends, take pictures and write notes, plus the most important use: listen to Spotify everywhere; commuting, exercising and even doing the dishes. …

Here are some basic concepts to understand the next big thing.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an Internet revolution happening just in front of you. Blockchains, bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum and Dapps… Are you sure you’re ready to face it? This article will give you the first steps into the new era of the decentralized web.

What is a “Blockchain”?

Basically, is a database that is public and distributed, keeping record of all digital transactions. It is not controlled by a central authority (decentralized) and each computer that is part of the network (node) stores a copy of the blockchain, shared and public for everyone.

What is Bitcoin?

A digital currency that uses peer-to-peer technology. Decentralized, as there’s…

So, I took the time to make Bitcoin fool-proof. No tech knowledge required

lol basic chinese.

Once upon a time a man, an organization or some kind of fairy-techy-godmother called Satoshi Nakamoto, created a really detailed paper (A.K.A) “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in order to introduce a new way to create transactions without a regulatory third party.
Basically, that we would exchange values on the internet without having to rely on some entity to validate it.
That’s how bitcoin was born.

The paper is divided in 12 sections. I, therefore, aim to explain them all one by one in the most simple way for everyone to get it. …

Este artículo se propone ayudar a las personas a entender algunos de los mecanismos básicos que se encuentran detrás de las cuentas, transacciones, gas y el rol que ocupan los miners a la hora de determinar el tamaño de los bloques en Ethereum. Cualquier corrección es bienvenida! :)

¿Qué son las cuentas?

EOA vs cuentas contrato

Hay dos tipos de cuentas en Ethereum

  • Cuentas Externas (Externally Owned Accounts)
  • Cuentas Contrato

Las diferencias entre ambas se van a encontrar en el abstracto de la próxima actualización de Metrópolis(english)

Cuentas Externas (EOAs)

Una cuenta controlada externamente

  • tiene un balance de ether
  • puede enviar transacciones (transferencia de ether o desencadena códigos de contrato)
  • es…

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